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How I Got Here

After taking a year out of working in a secondary school in Whitechapel, I studied for an M.A in Screenwriting at LCC where I gained a Distinction in 2022. My first feature film script, Kerry's Brother Ben, is currently in pre-production having been optioned by Plan Nine Pictures, but before this it was shortlisted for for Cannes Screenplay List courtesy of WScripted & MUBI, a development platform for women screenwriters. 

As a writer, I draw on my experiences growing up in rural Scotland to craft stories that often involve obsessive outsiders seeking adventure. I write character driven narratives with my focus often on an individual's role within a family or community. I also like ghosts, swearing, memories and bad decisions.

I'm currently focusing on developing The Frayed, a limited series following the unravelling of apocalyptic survivalist family in the outer Hebrides.  The pilot episode of The Frayed recently made it through to the second stage read of BBC Writers's Academy in 2022. 

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