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Kerry's Brother Ben


In development with Plan Nine Pictures


April 2023



Nae future for them?

1977, Glasgow. The U.K is in the sweaty and terrifying grip of the early punk scene. 20 year old Kerry only has two things on her mind - getting to London to see her new favourite band, the Sex Pistols, and getting back with her shitty ex Dougie. There’s only one problem- and it’s a big, noisy one that won’t go away no matter how many times he’s told to fuck off- her autistic brother, Ben. He’s been left to fend for himself after their mum is arrested for benefit fraud.

Thus begins a chaotic journey across the U.K that sees the estranged siblings face down cops, robbers, speed freaks, a railway system on its last legs and a very large and angry Teddy boy with an awful lot to say about the Queen.

The film marries the tender dysfunction of Little Miss Sunshine (2006), and the
anarchic good-time sentiment of Our Ladies (2021), with the grit, heart and humour of the This is England franchise. (2006-2017)

Writing sample available upon request.

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