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The Frayed


Pilot episode available to read upon request.


November 2022



Project Type

Original screenplay, 6 part limited series

In the remotest part of the Scottish Highlands, a 14 year old girl has murdered her young cousin. A psychiatrist on the mainland with more than enough troubles of her own is assigned to uncover the reasons why - and in doing so, may hold the key to her own psychic unraveling.

The Frayed is a six part limited series following Judith, a teenager raised in almost total seclusion by her ex-military, conspiracy theorist father. Judith has admitted to drowning her four year old cousin Mhairi- somebody she claims to love more than she loves anyone else. Judith builds an uneasy relationship with child psychiatrist Jane, who is assigned to her case. Jane's own teenage son is spending time in a psychiatric hospital charged with a series of arson attacks- and when Judith spots a photograph of him on her desk, life as Jane - and Judith - have known it will never go back to how it was.

Writing sample available upon request.

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