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July 2021


Original idea and screenplay by Molly Kitson

Project type

6 part limited series, 6 x 60 minute episodes

A gang of friends growing up in a condemned estate in Tottenham embark on a secret mission to track down a hidden fortune lost somewhere on the block forty years ago by their reluctant, alcoholic mentor, ex punk star Sid Nash.

Thirteen year old Eddie Smirnov lives with his mum and little brother on the Maze estate in Tottenham, North London. He spends most of his time doing bike tricks with his best mates, Vince and Rosie, and they often have to have their little brothers Luka and Campbell tag along too.

The kids always end up chatting to their neighbour, old Sid Nash, even though they aren’t supposed to. Sid drinks a bottle of vodka and smokes an eight of hash everyday. He was the lead singer of punk’s ‘great lost band’, the Usuals, who had one hit in 1976 then broke up not long after, and now Sid lives off royalty cheques from the track and disability benefit.

Sid hates most people. But he secretly quite likes these kids. One day, he tells Eddie and the gang that one night in 1978 when he was drunk and high, he hid £70,000 in cash somewhere in the block. But the block’s condemned, and Sid’s in no fit state to traipse up and down ten flights of stairs. So he strikes a deal with the kids. Find his money, and they all get to keep a little bit of it. The older kids hold out hope that Sid might contribute his money to help save the block from being knocked down. The little ones just want new bikes.

So begins Blocks, a coming-of-age comedy drama about friendship and adventure. It’s also about love, huge dogs, London, adolescence, swearing, music, gentrification, family, and chicken shops. Borrowing from Greek mythological epics, Blocks’ young protagonists have to overcome obstacles and outsmart enemies from all over the Maze to try and get Sid’s cash before time runs out.

Writing sample and pitch document available upon request.

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